Thursday, May 1, 2014

Regaining some space

It has been a while since I posted in this blog. Not because I have not been thinking about the connection between the physical world and the economy but because I have been writing about other things. Please have a look at my other blogs listed here: ; about time:; Teaching Science Insights at; and life in general at
What I want to say here thinking in economic terms is how can be more efficient in writing about "Physiconomy"? For me is important to remember that what drives my interest in the economy is the physical fact that "things fall by their own weight." Meaning that when an enterprise what ever the discipline is will carry as a paradoxical medulla it own growth and destruction. In biology we learn that the information carried in DNA  contains both the elements of growth as well as the elements of death. This is where the inevitability of death is hosted.
As organizations grow, develop, and prosper they appear to also create their own demise. We are now reading about the psychological environment that big corporations are experiencing described by some as a lack of trust of the employees in their leadership. Of course this is not private to big corporations, small institutions are also suffering this illness as times are tough and many leaders have not be able to organize and provide their employees with a sense of belonging and thus of trust.
How can we relate this mainly psychological phenomena to what is happening to the physical environment?
Difficult question to answer, I say. But we don't have to look far for an answer. Just paying attention to what is in the news of the day, we learn how we are mistreating the environment and how the environment (as climate) is fighting back. Drought, flooding, tornados, fires, and other climatological storms and disasters are becoming more and more prevalent around the world. The special issue of time: places you have to see before they vanish is a good example of the extremely difficult situation that our planet is going through.
Who is responsible? Who can do something about it? Is there accountability in this matter?
I think I'll have to come back to this in a future post.    

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