Sunday, April 12, 2009

Physical Reality

When one is trying to distinguish between what is from what is not one faces the challenge of organizing the thought is a clear and concise way. Based on the semantic and ontology of words and thoughts that have to be communicated to other members in our society.
After all any philosophical framework has to be constructed based on a language that carry significance. Many philosophers have addressed the question of "reality", and now we are reading in the daily papers about the reality of our economy. We read that the economy is in trouble and that it needs fixing. But we have not asked a profound question, what is the reality of our economy? Why we have to sacrifice our well fare and well being in order to give huge sums of money to some people that label themselves as the leaders of the "economic system"? How real is the "banking system" is it as real as the atmospheric system, or the ecological system? We have to save the world for sure when we think of the global warming phenomena but do we have to save the banks?
Who will suffer if the banks collapse? And why they will suffer?
Has it not been that more has been lost in war?
If wars have been fought, is because the suffering was necessary and the outcome was for the good of the society at large! So a new kind of war is now underway, a war that will bring a lot of suffering but at the end of the day it will bring a new paradigm in our society locally and globally.

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